Speed Krysis

A lightning-fast tactical rule variant for 2 players

Each player receives 2 red and 3 blue crystals and places them in their campsite (the rest of the blue and red crystals are placed in the middle). They also take the 7 transporter and 4 agent cards of a company that have no crystal multipliers and take them in their hand. EVERYTHING ELSE IS PUT BACK IN THE BOX (there is no white crystal, bank, relic etc. in this game).

The game is divided into 3 rounds. At the beginning of each round the players build up their teams (by playing 3 cards) according to the basic rules (2 cards will remain in hand in the end of the game). The faster team starts the round.

*In case there is at least one crystal in the campsite of the opponent and the stronger team has transporting capacity, the stronger team MUST steal from the other and take the crystals HOME.

*The team that can't steal anything must transport crystals home if they have at least as many crystals as their transporting capacity.

*If their transporting capacity is more than the crystals in their campsite (and they can't steal), they have to choose mining which means taking the amount of crystals depicted on their transporter agent cards to their campsite. In this case their team protects their campsite until the end of the round, in any other case they have left the campsite unprotected.

At the end of the game players receive victory points for their crystals (3 for red and 2 for blue); the player with more points wins.